PinMyScreen – Bookmarks Using Pinterest

PinMyScreen is a Social bookmarking extension for Google Chrome. The extension adds a Pinterest pin button to the browser’s toolbar, and allows the user to pin website screenshots onto his Pinterest boards. This works the same way as with gimme bar only it doesn’t impose a new system on clients. Instead, PinMyScreen allows you to use your existing Pinterest acocunts to save your favorite websites.

Known Issues

PinMyScreen uses Chrome’s built-in screenshot functionality (the same one that’s used for the ‘most visited’ page you see when opening a new tab. This, for security reasons, prevents us from screenshoting any sensitive data that might exist within secured pages or Chrome web applications. As a result, not every website can be shot, and you’ll sometimes find that the extension sends an empty image onto the Pinterest ‘pin this’ form. The process of screenshoting a webpage requires a roundtrip request and response with our server. You should note that we do not keep any images or any other sort of information on those servers or anywhere else. As opposed to many other Chrome extensions, I’ve chosen not to use anonymous analytics as well, so no data on your actions is logged at any stage. However, communication with our servers sometimes takes a bit longer than expected. You should note, that if you clicked the ‘pin this’ button on your browser’s toolbar, the request was sent and the pinterest form will appear in a few seconds time. This however doesn’t always happen fast enough, and there isn’t an indication that the request is in a processing state. If I’ll hear a lot of complaints from people about speed, I’ll transfer the servers onto Amazon’s cloud services, so if you think that there’s place for improvement, just let me know.

Bug Reporting and Support

I’m always available to hearing feedback over the extension, be it a positive or negative one, so don’t hesitate. If there’s anything you need help with, just send me an email to me at shayacrich dot com.   Visit our page on the Chrome WebStore to add the extension to your browsers.

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