Overview of Data Integration Tools

Integration for SMBs

OneSaas is a data integration application that automates common tasks for specific business users, mostly in eCommerce and online marketing. It features a variety of integrated services and a simple interface to connect to these third party user accounts. Then, there are a few options for each type of data, mainly, whether or not to add and delete items according to changes in other systems that handle the same data type – Magento with eBay, Google Contacts with a CRM, etc. It also has an interface that displays all the data from the third party vendors in tables.

Cazoomi SyncApps is an integration cloud meant for small businesses. It features a visual studio for composing integrations, much like Enterprise solutions do, but are aimed at SMBs, both with regard to pricing and available integrations. Cazoomi’s website reports them having 10,000 customers, and a team of 13 members (at the time of writing). It appears that Cazoomi’s solution is meant more towards application vendors that want to create integrations than it is for end users themselves. Another type of tools are web page scrapers meant to ease extraction of data from websites without the use of APIs that sometimes aren’t available. The prominent tool in this respect is Dapper, and a newer contestant is import.io.

UPDATE: Since this text was written, a new service came out that scrapes websites automatically, and let’s you build apps out of the data it extracts, called Kimono

Industry Specific Integration Tools

Each industry has an array of specific tools, either meant for integrating data, or that integrate data as a byproduct of their main function (dashboards, process automation, etc.). These solutions are thus somewhat parallel in their function to data integration software, and could suffice in any scenario in which integration needs are within this specific set of third party applications. However, a common scenario among small businesses is an overdependence on one such specific tool, and an inability to make that tool work with services meant for other aspects of running a business. For instance, a business in eCommerce might utilize an application that optimizes and automates some of the aspects of selling online. Such a tool would surely connect seamlessly with any and every marketplace, comparison shopping engine, shopping cart software, payment gateway and shipping service. However, the ability to make this tool work with a newsletter management system, or a PPC ad platform, is of limited capacity.

Examples of such niche products vary widely from one industry to another. Ad management tools include Datorama, Kenshoo and IgnitionOne. In eCommerce, common tools include Channeladvisor, eSellerPro, Vendio and Auctiva. mHealth apps can be connected with Validic. Data from different analytics solutions can be pulled together with Segment.io. Social media campaigns can be managed from a single place with Hootsuite.

Enterprise Integration Tools

The Enterprise world covers a very wide array of solutions at this point in time. As part of this overview, only SaaS products meant at Enterprise customers will be examined and not hybrid and on-premise solutions. A key character of the following solutions is that they’re meant for IT departments to deploy, and not for the end users themselves.

Informatica Cloud is a high end service for Enterprise clients that offers a large set of tools for integrations and data processing. Jitterbit offers an open source platform for the creation and management of integrations, both legacy and SOA based. They make use of reusable templates for common integration needs so that developers have less work. Extol offers a design tool for building integrations between Enterprise applications. JackBe Presto is a visualization and BI tool that connects to external sources – data warehouses, spreadsheets, feeds, existing BI systems, etc., using a graphical assembly tool. SnapLogic is an Enterprise-grade solution for data integration that makes use of modular pieces of connectivity or functionality called ‘snaps’. Snaps can connect to third party services, local files or anything else, and can provide atomic bits of functionality used for ETL tasks. They have a marketplace for snaps with high end pricing. Mulesoft offers a set of products meant for data integration. Their visual editing tools are meant to ease the work of developers, not to provide a EUP solution. It offers a variety of pre-built connectors and integration apps, the ability to develop new ones, and visual tools for integrating services and for building data transformation processes. Dell Boomi is an Enterprise API integration tool that uses a flowchart interface and offers both pre-built integration types as well as the ability to create new ones or have Dell do the customization for the end users. Scribesoft offers the same standard set of features, as well as the ability to connect SaaS products with on premise software. Other solutions in this sphere include IBM Infosphere DataStage, IBM CastIron, and Talend’s Integration Suite.

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